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Jori Huhtala 5

Jori Huhtala 5


Cover: Jori Huhtala

Album information

PerformerJori Huhtala 5
LabelFredriksson Music

Jori Huhtala

Where recordedYLE M1


Going by the name of their leader, Jori Huhtala 5 released their debut on 23 January 2015 on the label Fredriksson Music. Huhtala has called up some of his favourite musicians to play his original compositions, which bring together old and new traditions of jazz with a unique freshness, even quirkiness. Jori Huhtala 5 tread confidently in the wide world of jazz, from time to time even approaching the realms of pop and film music.

The role of the jazz bassist comes easily equated with that of the accompanist. That makes solo albums by jazz bassists relatively rare, especially in Finland. Jori Huhtala is known both as an excellent sideman and soloist, with exceptional skills to adapt to a wide range of groups. On his debut album Huhtala reveals yet another side of himself - that of a talented composer and arranger. Huhtala’s individual compositions have clearly inspired his bandmates to a delightfully playful and enthusiastic performance.


  1. De-TerminationJori Huhtala
  2. Things You MissedJori Huhtala
  3. Stop the VioletsJori Huhtala
  4. It´s Me-Time NowJori Huhtala
  5. Acing MenJori Huhtala
  6. The Longest WaitJori Huhtala
  7. SkippingJori Huhtala
  8. Almost Over YouJori Huhtala