Alder Ego



Album information

PerformerAlder Ego
TypeLP + CD + digi
LabelWe Jazz Records

Compositions: Joonas Leppänen
Production: Joonas Leppänen & Matti Nives
Recording and mixing: Tuukka Tervo
Mastering: Jukka Sarapää & Juho Luukkainen
Design: Matti Nives



II is the second album from the Alder Ego band. The sophomore album was released on 26 Ocotber 2018 on We Jazz Records.

Alder Ego, led by drummer Joonas Leppänen, is a quartet of four young jazz powers. Together with Leppänen the quartet consists of trumpet Tomi Nikku, saxophonist Jarno Tikka and bassist Teemu Åkerblom.

The new album presents the reflective but intensive and bursting composing style of Leppänen. Alder Ego’s music is modern jazz; melodic, flowing and surprising. Many layers of the music invites to a long journey of exploration that keeps surprising the listener. The album also features vibraphonist Ilkka Uksila as a guest star, who brings completely new colour to the sound palette of the ensemble.

"Classy + Jazzy!"
Alex Ruder, KEXP

"Sounding great."
Found Sounds, DJ Magazine

"Niiiiiiiiiice – Liking this big."
Jon More, Coldcut / Soho Radio / Ninja Tune

"Truly sublime."
DJ Rahdu,

Joonas Leppänen, drums
Jarno Tikka, saxophone
Tomi Nikku, trumpet
Teemu Åkerblom, bass

+ Ilkka Uksila, vibraphone


  1. Leviathan
  2. Le Chant Des Sirènes
  3. Cubism
  4. Vultures
  5. Flight
  6. Blood Moon
  7. Solitude