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Jussi Fredriksson Trio
Jussi Fredriksson



Album information

PerformerJussi Fredriksson Trio
Jussi Fredriksson
LabelFredriksson Music

Jussi Fredriksson


“!” or “exclamation mark album” is continuation for trio’s earlier album “?”. The album was pre-released in German last autumn and it was favourably reviewed in country’s distinguished media such as Jazz ThingMusic Magazine and Hambuger Abendblatt

In addition to Jussi Fredriksson, the impressive trio consists of bassist Jori Huhtala and drummer Mika Kallio. The trio delighted the audience with their debut album “?” and as their music develops even deeper and distinctive than before it is time to naturally move on to exclamation mark.

Fredriksson has composed the material for the new album mainly at his artist residence in Paris.
“Every artist has their own Paris-phase, I guess”, Fredriksson smiles. “The city’s streets and galleries echo on the album and I think the change of scenery gave it different kind of energy.”

Fredriksson’s style of composing is strongly narrative. The pieces leisurely flow onwards yet they keep their intensity. Trio plays well together supporting each other’s ideas and succeeds bringing personal and fresh tones to common trio format. Where the debut ”?” threw up questions, ”!” is closer to convincing conclusion. Talented trio takes the music from static themes to surprising turns. Their tone is fluently soft and elastic rhythm brings deep dimensions to their expression. 

The new album will now be available in CD format and later this year in vinyl, which will combine selected pieces from “?” and “!” albums.

"Schon erstaunlich, wie viel hochklassiger Jazz derzeit aus dem kleinen Finnland mit seinen gerade mal 5,5 Millionen Einwohnern kommt."
– Hamburger Abendblatt


  1. SpyJussi Fredriksson
  2. Brick by BrickJussi Fredriksson
  3. Maybe TomorrowJussi Fredriksson
  4. ActionJussi Fredriksson
  5. MercuriusJussi Fredriksson
  6. HighJussi Fredriksson