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Kaisa Mäensivu

Hand Picked


Cover design: Kasperi Salovaara

Album information

PerformerKaisa Mäensivu
TypeLP, CD, digi
LabelFlame Jazz Records

Digitaalinen jakelu: Playground Music Finland
Fyysinen jakelu: Flame Jazz Records
Formaatit: digitaalinen, CD ja LP (vinyyli)
Äänitys, miksaus ja masterointi: Hannu Lamminmäki, 2020
Valokuvat: Teemu Mattsson
Cover design: Kasperi Salovaara

Kaisa Mäensivu – basso, laulu 
Severi Pyysalo – vibrafoni (1-4)  
Joe Peri – rummut (1-2, 4,6)  
Max Zenger – saksofoni (3,5)  
Mikael Myrskog – piano (3,5)  
Jonatan Sarikoski – rummut (3,5)



Double bassist Kaisa Mäensivu presents her new top trio and vocal skills with her album Hand Picked.

Kaisa Mäensivu's second studio album Hand Picked brings out new aspects of the musician in the form of a tasty and versatile whole. The carefully selected songs on the album, the name of which also refers to the "keystroke" of the bass, include her own compositions as well as covers with Finnish texts sung and written by Mäensivu. The album also strongly highlights Mäensivu's prowess with her own instrument, double bass.

Mäensivu has lived and worked for several years in New York, the jazz capital of the world. After returning to Finland in the summer of 2020, she founded a new trio with her spouse, New York drummer Joe Peri, and vibraphone virtuoso Severi Pyysalo. The fresh album features three songs from the trio and the whimsically grooving drum-bass duo The Lemur. The album will also feature musicians familiar from Kaisa’s Machine, saxophonist Max Zenger, keyboardist Mikael Myrskog and drummer Jonatan Sarikoski.

The most surprising part of the ensemble is Mäensivu's new side as a singer - previously her vocals have been heard mainly in the ranks of the vocal ensemble Signe. Hand Picked is a fascinating, atmospheric and feel good experience guaranteed to delight its listeners.

Kaisa Mäensivu's new album is the seventh release of Flame Jazz Records.

"Band is led by a strong, highly musical bass presence of Kaisa Mäensivu." – London Jazz News 


  1. Season’s Bestsäv. Severi Pyysalo
  2. Mä Kelasin Suasäv. Jimmy van Heusen, san. Kaisa Mäensivu
  3. Codenamessäv. Kaisa Mäensivu
  4. Tähdetsäv. Gene de Paul & Don Raye, san. Kaisa Mäensivu
  5. Talviunisäv. Kaisa Mäensivu
  6. The Lemursäv. Kaisa Mäensivu