Espoo Big Band´s new album Espoo Suite, composed by Marzi Nyman, is finnish big band music at its best. Album is released by Galileo Music (German) and is distributed by Eclipse Music and Supersounds Music.

Compositions are inspired by Espoo area. Listener is brought through different historical events, such as smuggler chases in the time of Prohibition.  Compositions follow the styles of big band history, old cinematic big band music and also open up to european tones. The Espoo Suite is a eagerly awaited sequel to the 2016 released album "Lauma".

Espoo Big Band - EBB - is one of the biggest jazz orchestras in Finland. EBB has toured in Asia, Australia, Brasilia, performed in some of the most famous jazz festivals in the world and released ten albums. EBB hosts an annual April Jazz -festival every year.


  1. Quiet Flows the Aspen River
  2. Brotherhood
  3. Igor´s Lament
  4. Moonshine Chase
  5. Finale
  6. Espoo Blues