En Garde


Album information

TypeCD + digi
LabelFiasko Records

Jakelija: Supersounds Music Oy



Gourmet sextet, combining jazz and schlager, is set to release their fourth full length album En garde on 27th of April by Fiasko Records. The ensemble led by guitarist Esa Onttonen and saxophonist Mikko Innanen performs at record release concerts in Finland and France. 

On April 27th  the Finnish record label Fiasko Records releases fourth studio album from the instrumental group Gourmet, formed in 1997. The first single is briskly grooving Pink Camel and it gives a foretaste of the upcoming album’s rich sound world. The ensemble's all-embracing instrumental music has an individual style which combines avantgarde entertainment, art and tragicomedy. The unprejudiced music changes from jazz to schlager, from march music to valtz and from slow beat to desert rock.

The sextet led by Mikko Innanen and Esa Onttonen, performs at a record release concert at Helsinki Juttutupa on the 2nd of May. In addition to Innanen and Onttonen the group consists of trombonist Ilmari Pohjola, accordionist Veli Kujala, tubist Petri Keskitalo and drummer Mika Kallio.

Mikko Innanen, alto-, sopranino- and baritone saxophone, vocals (8.)
Esa Onttonen, guitar, ukulele (13.), vocals (14.)
Ilmari Pohjola, trombone
Veli Kujala, accordion
Petri Keskitalo, tuba
Mika Kallio, drums


  1. Louis XIV Innanen-Onttonen
  2. Love Gone Wrong  Onttonen
  3. Voice Of Velour Onttonen
  4. What Can We Do When the Sky Falls Down?Innanen
  5. Flowers Are Pretty Innanen
  6. When We Leave, Where Will We Go? Onttonen
  7. Roy Onttonen
  8. Vorwärts gegen Faschismus Innanen
  9. Lasinen vuori Innanen
  10. Pas de pluie mardi Innanen-Onttonen
  11. My Little Llama Blue Keskitalo
  12. Pink Camel Innanen-Onttonen
  13. Muistoja LuxemburgistaInnanen
  14. Järviradiota kuuntelen Innanen
  15. Lauluja tilaisuuksiin, osa 2: Juhlasoitto Onttonen