Anni Elif – Edith
Anni Elif



Photo by Vanessa Riki; Cover design by Camille Romano

Album information

PerformerAnni Elif – Edith
Anni Elif
TypeCD + digi
LabelEclipse Music

Recorded and mixed by Jussi Liukkonen at Artlab, Helsinki 2016
Mastered by Petter Eriksson at Studio Korpen, Unnaryd 2017

Where recordedArtlab, Helsinki
Genrejazz / pop / poetry


Edith is a 2017 solo album by Finland-based Swedish-Turkish multi-instrumentalist Anni Elif Egecioglu. The album's music has been composed to poems by Edith Södergran and Karin Boye. 

Swedish-speaking Finnish poet Edith Södergran (1892-1923) belongs to the internationally best-known of Finnish poets despite her tragically short life. On her first solo album, Edith, Anni Elif presents a series of airy pieces composed to Södergran's and Karin Boye's (1900-1941) verse. 

The album is a combination of ambitious compositions, futuristic soundscapes and improvisation. Anni Elif's musical language and her nuanced voice match perfectly with the visionary of Södergran's verse and the futurism and symbolism of the time. 

Edith features the singer's three long-term bandmates from various projects: saxophonist Pauli Lyytinen, bassist Joonas Kuusisto and pianist Tuomas A. Turunen. The tight-knit quartet creates a magical musical canvas using both electronic and acoustic instruments. 


  1. Animalisk hymn2:55
  2. Det främmande trädet 4:10
  3. Ingenstans6:43
  4. Stormen4:53
  5. Smärtan7:26
  6. Till fots fick jag gå genom solsystemen5:32
  7. Stjärnorna1:22
  8. Stjärnorna4:31
  9. Landet som icke är4:57
  10. Kärlek4:29