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Delusions of Grandeur


Album information

TypeLP, CD, digi
LabelEclipse Music

Compositions, arrangements, production, recording and mixing by Jori Huhtala

Genreprogressive jazz


With TALAMBO, bassist-composer Jori Huhtala makes a complete turn to electronic expression which seeks its influences not only from modern jazz but also from progressive rock and electronic music.

TALAMBO's album is long-matured and, as its name implies, a slightly crazy studio project the tracks of which Jori Huhtala has produced, recorded and mixed himself in addition to composing and arranging. Huhtala, who returned to his first love for electric bass with this project, is also responsible for the “guitar parts” of the album with his piccolo bass. Huhtala's ambitious vision is further supported by the album's convincing featuring musicians from the forefront of Finnish jazz: saxophonists Jussi Kannaste and Joakim Berghäll, drummer Tuomas Timonen, keyboardist Antti Kujanpää and guitarist Sigurdur Rögnvaldsson.

For several years now, Huhtala has been one of the most sought-after double bass players in the Finnish jazz scene but this record also shows that he is one of the masters of electric bass as well. The rhythmic bass patterns are solid and the electric guitar-like solos played on the piccolo bass show Huhtala's abilities as a soloist. TALAMBO’s music pulsates and serves up a wild amount of wonder with its meditative songs and carefully constructed soundtracks.

Delusions of Grandeur is perhaps a slightly self-ironic title for the album but the album really serves something large, new and unique in the Finnish jazz scene, both in its execution and in its sound.


  1. Voice of Reason
  2. Man Number Nine
  3. Time to Escalate
  4. Thimbu & Talambo
  5. Supermelon