Blood Moon


Kansitaide: Jan Tenow / Layout: Aarni Ylinen

Album information

TypeVinyl LP+CD deluxe set, digital
LabelEclipse Music

Musiikki/Sävellys: Egecioglu, Lyytinen, Louhivuori, Oramo, Salovaara, Inkilä, Mattila
Äänitys ja miksaus: Joonas Saikkonen
Masterointi: Petter Eriksson
Vinyylin kaiverrus: Andreas Lubich
Kansitaide: Jan Tenow Layout: Aarni Ylinen

Where recordedKallio-Kuninkala / Meidän Festivaali 2018


The trailblazing experimental trio Elifantree joins forces with the leading contemporary wind ensemble Tölöläb for a very special album. Blood Moon, released in Finland on November 1st, is a true out-of-body experience of celestial improvisation from masters of their craft. The piece was composed while the two groups were in residence at Our Festival in 2018, curated the by world renowned violinist Pekka Kuusisto. Inspired by the festival's etherial themes of the human soul and its many facets, the last notes of the improvisation-filled sessions were done during an actual lunar eclipse. Thus "Blood Moon" was born. The inspirational milieu just next to the home of Jean Sibelius himself, the lunar eclipse and the esoteric theme of the festival gave excellent fuel to the two ambitious bands to collaborate in a once-in-a-lifetime setting. Blood Moon is, thus, a truly unique release. Recorded live while the two groups are engaged deep in improvisation the album opens with the very first take of the sessions and closes with the very last notes of sessions, played during the lunar eclipse. Even though the two bands come from different backgrounds, jazz improvisation and contemporary classical respectively, Elifantree and Tölöläb merge together into a singular musical unit. "I'm deeply moved by the way we managed to open up ourselves in this musical meeting and I'm so proud and exited about this album", says vocalist and cellist Anni Elif.

Anni Elif Egecioglu - vocals, synthesizers    
Pauli Lyytinen - saxophone, EWI, effects
Olavi Louhivuori - drums,

Taavi Oramo – live electronics
Antti Salovaara – bassoon
Saku Mattila – oboe
Turkka Inkilä – flute, shakuhachi, live electronics


  1. Great Whales
  2. Motion
  3. Horsehead Nebula
  4. Out of Body
  5. Sielu
  6. Queen Ant
  7. Alnitak
  8. Mintaka