Liberty Ship



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PerformerLiberty Ship
LabelEclipse Music
Genrejazz progressive


"Approaching", the debut of Liberty Ship, was released in November 2013. The album is available in two formats. The digital download and streaming version consist of 8 tracks, whereas the 2-disc Special Edition CD includes an additional CD of 9 improvised pieces.

"Liberty Ship, formed in 2012, navigates the deep waters of free jazz and improvised music in constant pursuit of liberated self-expression. Liberty Ship glides gracefully out of the mist on gently rolling waves, combining the adventurous spirit and improvisation of free jazz to influences from contemporary art music outside of jazz and a Nordic cool sensibility. Their music is adventurous, mysterious, creative and unpredictable as the sea, but the crew of Liberty Ship always stays together as a cohesive unit with a single course and a unified vision, the prow firmly pointed toward the edge of the map to uncharted waters."

- Pasi Virtanen

In addition to the leading composer-saxophonist Esa Pietilä, the group is formed by pianist Aki Rissanen, bassist Antti Lötjönen and drummer Olavi Louhivuori.

Approaching was selected among the best jazz releases of 2013 in the American New York City Jazz Record Magazine. Jazz enthusiast and journalist Wif Zenger selected the album on his personal top ten list of Finnish jazz recordings 2013-2014.


  1. Warp Drive
  2. Liberty
  3. In Our Dreams
  4. Fast Waves
  5. In Sight
  6. Wizard
  7. Sollo
  8. Liberation Wheel
  9. Tutta Forza
  10. Ralladi Balladi
  11. Approaching
  12. Wind And Ghosts
  13. Shake It!
  14. A Chat With Zen
  15. Rugged
  16. Every Man's Freedom
  17. Between Warps