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Grants and subsidies


Alfred Kordelin Foundation

Alfred Kordelin Foundation is a private, non-profit cultural foundation that was established based on the testament of agriculture counselor Alfred Kordelin (1868-1917).

The foundation hands out grants for the promotion of science, literature, art and public education. The grants are not given for students doing their basic studies, for public institutions or public associations.

The application time is every year in August.

The basic condition for getting the grant is to produce a work that promotes Finnish culture or presents Finland abroad and that the applicant has good preconditions to carry out the plan of his/hers based on his/her previous work.

Alfred Kordelin Foundation has also special funds that can be applied in the beginning of each calender year.


Arts Promotion Centre Finland

The Arts Promotion Centre Finland continues the activities of the Arts Council of Finland, which was founded in 1968. Its task is to promote the arts on both the national and international levels, as well as to promote aspects of culture that are not covered by any other official body. The Arts Promotion Centre Finland is an expert agency under the Ministry of Education and Culture.


Erik Lindström Fund

The Finnish Jazz & Pop Archive is administrator of the Erik Lindström Fund which has since 2003 supported young Finnish musicians and their studies abroad. The seed money was donated by Lindström himself, a legendary jazz musician, band leader and composer who personally awards the scholarship with the executive committee of the archive. The ceremony is accompanied by an open concert around the maestro’s birthday in May.



Georg Malmstén Foundation

Georg Malmstén Foundation's grants for the promotion of the Finnish composition work are directed for composers, arrangers and lyricists. The grants are handed out by The Finnish Society of composers and Lyricists, Elvis ry.

Greta and William Lehtinen Foundation

Greta and William Lehtinen Foundation hands out grants to promote the work of visual artists, actors on the field of art industry, composers and architects. The grants are meant to use for work that happens in Finland and abroad or for an exhibition in Finland or abroad. The foundation supports primarily than kind of activity of the applicants that is planned to be realized during the next 12 months. The annual application time of the grants is in February. 

Finnish Cultural Foundation

The Finnish Cultural Foundation awards grants to individuals, working groups and organizations in the arts, science and various fields of cultural life through its Central Fund and 17 regional funds.

All the Cultural Foundation's grants that can be applied for are listed under Grants Available for Application. Detailed application guidelines and answers to frequently asked questions can be found under Grant Applicant. There is a link to the Grantee's Online Payment and Reporting System under Grantee. A reference can be submitted under Referee.




Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation

Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation is a non-profit cultural foundation that was established in 1942 by seafaring counselor Antti Wihuri and his spouse Jenny Wihuri. The foundation hands out grants for different fields promoting the Finnish culture.

The foundation has handed out for the promotion of science, art and other societal activity in 69 years as awards and grants approximately 211 million euros in total.

In 2011 the foundation handed out 9,7 million euros.


Kone Foundation

Kone Foundation promotes research in humanities, social sciences and environmental sciences. Kone Foundation also awards grants to arts and cultural projects. Priority is placed on new and marginal art and cultural forms as well as art and cultural projects that renew, create new, are current or contain new perspectives. Grants are also awarded to projects that combine the perspectives of art and science.

Kone Foundation grants can also be provided for other projects that are significant for some aspect of Finnish society or culture.


Ministry of Education and Culture

The Ministry of Education and Culture grants statutory state aid and discretionary subsidies for projects relating to education, research, culture, sport and youth work.

The Ministry grants funds towards the cost of organisations' operations, the activities and construction of educational and cultural establishments, and for information society projects. Projects can also apply for EU funding from the Structural Funds and different programmes.

The Ministry also confers different awards to reward action and individuals in its sector.


Public Education Foundation

The purpose of the activity of the Public Education Foundation is to support the social, cultural and educational work, research and studies.

The Public Education Foundation is a private institution that works closely with labor unions. The foundation hands out grants for artists, researchers, students, hobbyists, associations and workgroups. The total amount of the grants is annually 300,000 - 400,000 euros and there is over 80 foundations handing out the grants. The average amount of a grant is 1,000 - 3,000 euros. Annually a few doctoral theseses or some other study can get also a bigger grant. In these studies the Public Education Foundation emphasizes the studies on working life, environmental economy and the history of the labor movement. The grants for studying and recreation activity are usually 100 - 1,000 euros. The institution doesn't have resources to support technical or medical research.

Swedish Cultural Foundation

Svenska kulturfonden (Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland) was established in 1908, at a time in history when the right of the Swedish-speaking population to use their own language and have their own culture was threatened. Today, the foundation plays a bridging role in a bilingual society, and, through its work, wants to enhance the understanding of the value of living in a country with two languages. The mission of the foundation is to support and strengthen the culture and education of the Swedish-speaking minority in Finland.

The work of the foundation is divided into five lines of action: 
arts & culture, education, the Swedish language, social cohesion through NGOs and other third sector associations and international activities.

Annually the foundation contributes around 33 million EUR of funding and about 8 000 applications are received every year.

According to the rules and regulations of the around 480 individual funds that together form the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, the foundation awards grants both to institutions, associations and individuals with educational and cultural activities and interests. In addition to its grantmaking activities, the foundation initiates larger projects in the fields of culture and education, organises conferences on varying themes for key groups, and awards a number of prizes each year.


The Finnish Music Foundation

The Finnish Music Foundation (MES) was founded in 2012 for promoting and supporting Finnish music, both performing and creative. It continues the funding activities of ESEK (The Finnish Performing Music Promotion Centre) and LUSES (The Foundation for the Promotion of Finnish Music), which have ceased their activities.

The scope of the Finnish Music Foundation’s promotion encompasses all types of music. Priority is given to professional music making. The promotional activities are mainly funded by using private copyright funds, but also the government gives funds for the activities.

The foundation supports projects which includes Finnish artists and/or Finnish music. Support is granted on the basis of applications.