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April Jazz

27.–31.10.2021, Espoo

April Jazz is an annual jazz music festival held in Tapiola, Espoo, at the end of April. It has been held since 1987. As the biggest jazz festival in the Helsinki metropolitan area it has brought to Finland many top-noch jazz artists around the globe. Espoo Big Band Association works as the host and organizer for the April Jazz festival.  

Astoria Jazz Festival

Autumn 2021, Helsinki

Astoria Jazz Festival is a new jazz festival founded in 2020 in Helsinki. The festival is organized by Astoria Klubi. The artistic director of the festival is trumpet virtuoso Kalevi Louhivuori.

Baltic Jazz

9.–11.7.2021, Taalintehdas

At Baltic Jazz Festival, the different styles of classic jazz blend with other genres in the historical iron works surroundings of Dalsbruk. Organised annually since 1987, this swinging festival is a meeting place for internationally renowned musicians and local talent, who offer a balanced mix of classic jazz, blues and rock music for the whole family. The festival is organised by the support association Intresseförening för Jazzmusik i Dalsbruk r.f. Baltic Jazz is part of the Archipelago Sea Jazz festival series.




2.–4.10.2019, Helsinki

The annual super jazz event DIG., organised by Sibelius Academy of Uniarts gathers the current students, alumni and international guests to celebrate jazz in Helsinki every autumn. The event was last held in 2019.


ELive Jazz Happening

TBC 2021, Kokkola

The cozy ELive Jazz Happening is an annually occurring music event with a low threshold held in Kokkola city. This bilingual jazzfestival is a part of the Kokkola summer week and is produced by local music company, ELive Music with musicians bassplayer Eevalotta Matikainen and guitarist Martin Söderbacka.




5.–8.8.2021, Oulu

Jazz and pop music festival Elojazz takes place in August in the city of Oulu. The program of Elojazz offers music from jazz and swing to soul and funk to fans of African-American musical genres. Festival spreads its locations around the city of Oulu and works as a part of the network of Oulu August Festival. Elojazz is produced by local organisation Jazz 20 ry with their artistic director and trumpetist Jukka Eskola.

Hanko Soul Jazz Weekend

6.-8.2021, Hanko

Hanko Soul Jazz Weekend is a small, cozy and groovy gathering of musicians and diggars every August in Hanko. The festival is produced by music producer and composer Jan Simmons.

Iisalmi Jazz Festival 

TBC 2021, Iisalmi

Iisalmi city in eastern Finland has become a major jazz city over the years, and eventually in January 2019 the city got their own Iisalmi Jazz Festival. Local entrepreneurs and Koko Jazz Club have developed a fluid collaboration that reaches growing audience for world class jazz concerts. The biggest key to jazz success is the people: Iisalmi people are real cosmopolitans with their easy going, curious towards new things attitude.


20.8.2021, Kouvola

InkJazz is an enjoyable event that respects the traditions of jazz and also brings out the soloists' own fresh and personal interpretations. The event is organized by the City of Kouvola's cultural services.

Jazz by the Sea 


Jazz by the Sea is a 3-day jazz event organized in Kotka, at the back yard of restaurant Kairo annually since 1996. During the years of its existence it has brought several high-class jazz artists from taleted vocalists to big bands to perform in summery Kotka. Jazz by the Sea is organized by the active local association Kotka Jazz, that coordinates many other jazz activities in Kotka as well.


26.–31.7.2021, Helsinki

Jazz Finland produces an annual Jazz-Espa concert series in Helsinki. It takes place at the Espa stage in the heart of the city, featuring first rate Finnish jazz bands. Band applications for Jazz-Espa are received every january.




21.–25.7.2021, Laitila

Jazzkukko Festival is a jazz and pop festival, organied annually in Laitila since year 2015. Internationally known jazz musician Kari Antila is the founder and producer of the festival. Behind Jazzkukko, aiming to enrich local cultural life, lies association Jazzkukko ry, which was founded in August 2014.



18.-21.11.2021, Saariselkä

Kaamosjazz is the northernmost jazz festival in the European Union and one of the oldest in Finland. Jazz was first played on the fells of Finnish Lapland at Tankavaara in 1981. Since 2011, the festival is organized by theNorthern Lapland Tourism Ltd., which continues to write the festival’s history in collaboration with businesses in the Saariselkä region.

Kalottjazz & Blues

2.-3.7.2021, Tornio ja Haaparanta

Kalottjazz & Blues Festival is the largest jazz celebration in the far north and this truly international event takes place in Tornio and Haparanda where Finnish and Swedish cultures quite literally come together. The festival will invigorate these twin border towns for days and nights with jazz and blues, with artists from around the globe performing in concert halls, in a jazz marquee, in town squares and in clubs. 





Keitele Jazz was a high-class jazz music event held every year in the end of July in Äänekoski, Eastern Finland. Keitele Jazz was organized annually since 1985 and it was known from its intimate atmosphere. This cosy festival brought together Finnish and Nordic jazz music and the internationally acclaimed top players of jazz without forgetting the rock and blues aficionados. Keitelejazz was organized by the local association Äänekoski Jazz. The festival was organized for the last time in 2019.


Kerava Jazz

9.–12.9.2021, Kerava

Kerava Jazz is an international jazz music festival held annually in the beginning of summer. Kerava Jazz program includes improvisation, spirituality and cross-artistic works. Besides the avantgardistic and national projects the festival offers also various kinds of rhythm music and children's music. Kerava Jazz Festival is organized by Kerava Jazz Association with the help of the financial support of the city of Kerava. 

Kirjazz & Blues

3.–4.9.2021, Valkeakoski

A two-day festival full of treats for jazz and blues lovers. Kirjazz & Blues takes place for the 13th time, this year at the beginning of September 3.–4.9. The festival is located on the Kirjaslampi dance stage in the landscapes of Mallasvesi, within walking distance of the center of Valkeakoski city. Over the years, the event has offered prestigious names in Finnish jazz and blues as well as fresh lesser-known artists.

Koli Jazz

TBC 2022, Koli

Finnish jazz year starts with Koli Jazz, offering interesting and versatile repertoire in exceptionally beautiful surroundings of Koli. The festival is co-organised by Jazzkerho -76, Joensuu ry and restaurant Grill it! Koli.


Korpo Sea Jazz

21.–25.7.2021, Korppoo

Launched in 1990, Korpo Sea Jazz Festival is known for its warm atmosphere, high artistic level  and emphasis on fresh Finnish jazz. Organised in the archipelago of Turku, the festival delivers over 20 jazz shows and jam sessions around the Archipelago Sea, including such spots as Korppoo, Nauvo and Utö. The festival is part of the Archipelago Sea Jazz festival series.


16.–17.11.2019 Rovaniemi

Korundijazz, combining music art and architecture, invites the audience to enjoy unique interdisciplinary encounters. Korundijazz is full of live music, fantastic art and unique architecture. Korundijazz is co-produced with Jaskan Kaverit ry and was most recently held in 2019.

Lahden jazztori

TBC 2021, Lahti

Lahden Jazztori is a 1-week jazz event organized in Lahti every year in August since 1989 by the Lahti Big Band. One of the most important jazz festivals in Finland, it has become known for versatile and high-quality guests, smooth organisation and customer-friendly services. 



31.7.–1.8.2021 and 26.8.–4.12.2021, Hämeenlinna

Linnajazz Festival is a jazz and pop music festival for the whole family organized in Hämeenlinna since 1991 by Hämeenlinnan Soitannollinen Kerho (the Music Club of Hämeenlinna). The festival presents contemporary performers of jazz, soul, blues and show music. During normal summers, the event includes large free outdoor concerts as well as gigs in concert halls, clubs and restaurants.

In 2021, the festival will be organized as a two-day event consisting of two free concerts at Hämeenlinna Market Square and Linnanpuisto from 31 July to 1 August. In addition, the Linnajazz Autumn concert series will be heldf rom August 26 to December 4, with six concerts featuring jazz music from top artists.


24.-25.7.2021, Helsinki

We Jazz organises new summer festival, Odysseus, for the first time on Lonna in summer 2021. We Jazz expands the popular Lonna concert series to an integrated summer festival and the first programme release includes many Finnish top-notch jazz stars. In the spirit of their winter festival, We Jazz examines the Lonna island with new perspective, searching for fresh places for the gigs.

Pori Jazz Festival

9.–17.7.2021, Pori

Pori Jazz, held in 1966 for the first time, is the pioneer of the Finnish festival summer. Pori Jazz offers a broad contingent of the world's leading artists ranging from long-established figures to up-and-coming stars. Pori Jazz has managed to keep in the lead among international festivals for already 50 years. The festival atmosphere in particular, created by the music, people, fine services and unique milieu, is second to none. The big open-air concerts are held at the beautiful concert park Kirjurinluoto Arena, while high-standard free concerts take place in the city centre. The festival is arranged annually in July by the non-profit association Pori Jazz. About 70 per cent of the program is admission free. 

Porvoo Jazz Festival

24.-26.9.2021, Porvoo

Porvoo Jazz Festival ry is an annual jazzfestival, based in Porvoo. The festival is organised usually in September with programme of jazz groups from Finland and abroad. 



Puistoblues (Lakeside Blues Festival)

TBC 2022, Järvenpää

Founded in 1978 to serve local music lovers, the PuistoBlues festival in Järvenpää has over the years grown to be the leading blues festival in Europe and one of the most important musical events in Finland. Performers of the main concert during the past 40  years have included many of the biggest blues stars in the world, from B.B. King to John Lee Hooker. In addition to the first-class main concert, Puistoblues offers free concerts on the Blues Street, kids' events and a wide range of club activities.

Raahen Rantajatsit

29.-31.7.2021, Raahe

Raahen Rantajatsit - Jazz on the Beach is an annual music festival whose mission is to promote jazz in the city of Raahe, located in the north of Finland, and to organise jazz concerts around the year in local clubs. Held since 1989. Raahen Rantajatsit takes place at the last weekend of July in the seaside of Raahe. The festival is organised by the association Rajatsi.




Kemijärvi and Pyhätunturi

Ruskaswing is a traditional jazz festival founded in 1989. The festival is located in the Lapland area: in Pyhätunturi National Park in the municipality of Pelkosenniemi but also the birthplace of the event, Kemijärvi (the northern-most town of Finland), hosts many concerts. Festival is organised by association Ruskaswing ry. Last time Ruskaswing was held in year 2016.


Salo Jazzfestival

23.-25.9.2021, Salo

Salo Jazzfestival has been held since 2012. This cosy, low-threshold happening fulfils the street scene of Salo with top-class jazz music at the end of October. A major force behind the festival is the SaloJazz Society, which also organises year-round jazz concert activities and education in Salo and Salo region.



Savoy JAZZFest

28.–30.5.2021, Helsinki

Savoy JAZZFest is a jazz festival held in Savoy theater in Helsinki. The festival presented international jazz programme first time in spring 2019.

Tampere Jazz Happening

4.−7.11.2021, Tampere

In 1982 Tampere Jazz Happening was organized for the first time and ever since it has been a part of the spectrum of cultural events in Tampere every year. Since 1990 the festival has been produced by Tampere Music Festivals which is a part of the Cultural Affairs of the City of Tampere. The Happening brings together the most interesting artists of modern jazz from Finland and from abroad. 

Telakka Jazz

TBC 2022, Tampere

Telakka Jazz takes place at Kulttuuritalo Telakka. The first weekend of the new year serves a mini festival with front row jazz musicians in an intimate milieu to lighten up the dark winter evenings.


Teurastamo Jazz Picnic

2.6.–25.8.2021, Helsinki

Teurastamo Jazz was reborn in 2021 as a new Picnic ensemble consisting of 12 events. The free events are open to everyone and feature joyful improvisation in Teurastamo’s summer yard on Wednesday evenings. The events are organized by Ville Luukkonen and Jonathan Bäckström.

Turku Jazz Festival

4.–7.3.2021, Turku

Turku Jazz Festival, Finland's second oldest jazz festival, has been organised since 1969 in the city of Turku. Turku Jazz Festival offers a nice selection of contemporary jazz, from Finland and abroad. Turku Jazz Festival is organised by Turku Jazz ry. 

Turku Sea Jazz

30.–31.7.2021, Ruissalo, Turku

Turku Sea Jazz is a new urban city festival, an invitation to enjoy internationally renowned jazz artists, high profile Finnish ensembles and unique world music performers in the historical surroundings of the Ruissalo boatyard. The first Turku Sea Jazz will be organized in 2021. The festival is part of the Archipelago Sea Jazz festival series.

The Annual Finnish Jazz Convention

  5.-6.11.2021, Tampere

The annual Finnish Jazz Convention is an event bringing together many of the key figures on the field of Finnish jazz. The convention has been organised every year since 1967. Since year 2014 the event is held together with Tampere Jazz Happening and it is a co-production with Jazz Finland. In addition to live jazz, the event includes the granting of the most prestigious awards in Finnish jazz, the Yrjö awarded by Jazz Finland to an outstanding musician, and the Varjo-Yrjö (”The Shadow Yrjö”) awarded by the Jazzradio of Finland’s national broadcasting company YLE. 

Viapori Jazz

24.–28.8.2021, Suomenlinna, Helsinki

Viapori Jazz is a festival organized annually in Suomenlinna, Helsinki since 2000. The festival presents fresh groups and the newest music of from the vanguard of Finland's jazz scene. Viapori Jazz forms a part of the program of the Helsinki Festival.


We Jazz

28.11.-4.12.2021, Helsinki

We Jazz is the most surprising jazz festival held annually in December. Programme presents the audience fresh venues, top-quality jazz and inspiring atmosphere.


Ylläs Jazz Blues

27.-30.1.2022, Äkäslompolo and Ylläsjärvi

Over the years Ylläs has become renowned for its yearly cultural events, with the Ylläs Jazz and Blues festival being one of them. The festival is a 4-day event and takes place during the last weekend of January. The festival is organised by Ylläs Soikoon ry together with Ylläs Travel Ltd. and local restaurants and hotels.

Åland Sea Jazz

6.–7.8.2021, Mariehamn, Åland Islands

Åland Sea Jazz is a Scandinavian style festival that takes place in the historical and still active maritime quarter in Mariehamn. This boutique festival offers the best of Nordic jazz in a unique location. The first Åland Sea Jazz will be organized in 2021. The festival is part of the Archipelago Sea Jazz festival series.