Aaho ry


Alandia Jazz rf

Alandia Jazz rf is an association that works on the area of Mariehamn, Åland. Alandia Jazz's one of the most important forms of activity is Alandia Jazz Festival that is organized annually in July.







Espoo Big Band ry

 Espoo Big Band ry is an association that was formed in Espoo in 1980 together with Espoo Big Band. The most important forms of activity of Espoo Big Band ry is to organize the concerts and recordings of Espoo Big Band and April Jazz Festival annually in April in Tapiola, Espoo.





Gramex ry

Gramex is a copyright society which promotes and administers the rights, prescribed in the Copyright Act, of performing artists whose performances have been recorded on phonograms and of producers of phonograms. The most important practical function of Gramex is to collect remunerations for the use of phonograms and to distribute the collected remunerations to those entitled to them.

In consequence to international legislative developments, provisions protecting performers and phonogram producers were incorporated into the Nordic copyright laws enacted at the beginning of the 1960s. These provisions allow collective administration of rights through organizations. Gramex was established in Finland in 1967 to implement these rights.

GRAMEX, Copyright Society of Performing Artists and Phonogram Producers in Finland, administers and promotes the rights, prescribed in the Copyright Act, of performers whose performances have been recorded on phonograms and of producers of phonograms, collects remunerations under the Copyright Act, and distributes the remunerations among those entitled to them. 

GRAMEX also promotes the general conditions of Finnish performing music and phonogram production. To fulfil its purpose, GRAMEX keeps abreast of both national and international developments in copyright legislation, and participates in this development work.

Gramex deliveres about 87% of the collected payments to the clients and music promotion activities, as the rest is used for administration of Gramex. 

Gramex is a nonprofit organisation, governed by the representatives of artists' and producers' organisations.  


Flame Jazz ry 

Flame Jazz ry is an association that operates on the area of Turku that organizes professionally high-quality jazzconcerts. The association also strives in many ways for the positive visibility of jazz music. Flame Jazz works also as a source of inspiration and as a stepping stone for the young talents who are aiming for a professional career on jazz music.

Flame Jazz was originally founded as a jazz project for the Turku European Capital of Culture 2011 -year. The initial plan was to build a professional jazzevent to Turku that works regularly throughtout the year. Turku 2011 Flame Jazz Project showed that there is an interest and a demand for a high-quality and regular jazzsupply in Turku. During its first year of operation over 5000 listeners, 35 groups and 250 professional musicians were gathered in Turku to enjoy and make professional jazz music and a new cultural community was born in Turku. This activity brought the actors on the field of jazz together and the development seems to go on.

Flame Jazz works in a co-operation with many local actors, such as Turku Music Festival, Jazz Club Monk, Turku Jazz Orchestra, the Conservatory of Turku and the Music School of Turku Region. The local synergy has created new fruitful co-operation connections and jazz can be heard in Turku more often that ever before. Flame Jazz has also built networks internationally and besides Finnish top jazz musicians, also international artists have visited Flame Jazz Clubs.

Flame Jazz has succeeded in creating a high-quality and famous jazzculture to Turku in a short time. The number of spectators have been growing steadily and the music style has gotten lots of new friends. At the moment Flame Jazz is one of the most active actors in Finland who organize regularly jazz concerts.

In 2011 an association, Flame Jazz ry, was born and it has ever since been in charge of the operation of Flame Jazz Club. As the chairman of the association and the artistic director of the concert series works jazzmusician Jussi Fredriksson.


Freelancemuusikot ry

The association of Finnish freelance musicians (Freelancemuusikot ry) is part of the Finnish Musicians Union.

Freelancemuusikot ry has approximately 1.000 members. Through Musicians Union, it provides services and offers benefits for its members. Freelancemuusikot ry represents musicians who work professionally on freelance-basis. Membership is either full-time, part-time, student or pensioned, depending on member’s status.

Main services consist of professional legal advisory and assistance, specialized in the field of music. Help is also available in the case of unemployment or sickness/injury.

Finnish Musicians Union publishes a monthly magazine ”Muusikko”, where also members of Freelancemuusikot ry write regularly. Other benefits for members include various discounts, traveller’s insurance, access to a PA-system free of charge etc.

Freelancemuusikot ry has regular meetings and other activities. Rytmihäiriöklubi, a weekly club event, is founded by Freelancemuusikot ry. Freelancemuusikot ry is also the employer for musicians performing at the club.

Finnish Musicians Union has negotiated many collective agreements. They contain terms about minimum salaries and other important work-conditions.


Harlem Jazz Club

Harlem Jazz Club is a jazz club founded in Turku in 1961. The aim of the club is to promote jazzmusic in the area of Turku through organizing jam sessions and giving out scholarships to the young jazz musicians.


Helsinki Jazz ry

Helsinki Jazz Association was established officially in 1972. Before it the association had started as an academic jazzclub at the Student Union of the University of Helsinki in the beginning of the 1960s.

Helsinki Jazz Association organizes conserts together with different actors in the music field. Helsinki Jazz has organized jazz concerts on the Espa stage since the late-1970s to 2009. Nowadays the association organizes jaZZanti -concert series in the restaurant Laulumiehet and also other concerts together with different actors.

Helsinki Jazz Association is a member organization of the Finnish Jazz Federation. 


Hämeenlinnan soitannollinen kerho

Hämeenlinnan Soitannollinen Kerho, HSK, (The Music Club of Hämeenlinna) is the oldest rhythm music association formed in 1945 when the idea of an own club was born among the dance orchestras of Hämeenlinna. 

In 1995 HSK celebrated their 50th anniversary. Linnajazz lasted for 12 hours and one of the organizers were one of the founding members, Kalevi Viitamäki. HSK celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 2005 when the pioneer of the modern Finnish bebop jazz Tauno Suojärvi performed in the nostalgy concert of Linnajazz.


IF för jazzmusik i Dalsbruk

Intresseföreningen för Jazzmusik i Dalsbruk rf was formed in 1999 to continue the activity of Baltic Jazz Association. The board of the association works year-round for the festival.


Imatra Big Band Festival ry

Imatra Big Band association organizes annually Imatra Big Band Festival in Imatra. Imatra Big Band Festival is a member organization of Finnish Jazz Federation.




Jazz 20 ry

Jazz 20 ry was born after the legendary jam sessions of Rauhala that the jazzclub of the student union of the University of Oulu organized in Rauhala in 1960s and 1970s. However the lack of the governmental financial support and the fatiguing of the volunteers caused the jazzclub of the student union to see its ending. It didn't however mean the death of the jazz life in Oulu. The need for jam sessions and concerts in Oulu gave birth to Jazz-20. The founding meeting was held in 23.1.1973 in Rattori Lupi. There were 20 jazz enthusiasts present in the meeting and so the association came to be named as the Jazz-20 Association. After the first year of operation the association had already 61 members.

Maybe the biggest effort for the young association was to organize the National Jazz Convention in Oulu in 27.-28.10.1973.

The most visible form of activity of the association was to organize the jam sessions. The association decided already in the beginning to help the jazz musicians of Oulu financially when possible. Today one of the most important forms of activity for the Jazz 20 Association is to organize the Elojazz Festival in Oulu annually every August. Jazz 20 is a member organization of the Finnish Jazz Federation.


Jazzaimaa ry

Jazzaimaa ry is an association that develops and promotes jazz, blues and rhythm music.

To fulfill their aim, the association does international co-operation with different actors of jazz and rhythm music, works as a educator, publicist and publisher and organizes concerts, festivals, contests and parties.

The most visible forms of activity of the association are the Jazzrytmit-magazine, Lady Summertime Jazz Singer Contest and Jazzrytmit Agency.

Jazz Jkl ry *


Founded in 2017, the Jazz Jkl ry organises versatile and high level Jazz Jkl Live concert series in Jyväskylä. 



Jazzkerho-76, Joensuu Association, was founded in 1976. Thus the association has worked for over 30 years for jazzmusic in Joensuu and North Karelia. After the enhusiastic first years, the activity of the association slowed down a bit but started to be more active again in 1987 when the Finnish Jazz Federation and the Conservatory of North Karelia started the North Karelia Music Project.

The aim of the association is to promote jazz music and work as a liaison between the jazz musicians and the jazz enthusiasts in the area of North Karelia. Practically the most important form of activity of the association is to organize jazz concerts and to take care of the regular, high-class jazz music supply on the area. The association has been really ambitious in organizing the concerts and there have approximately 10-15 concerts organized per year on the area of North Karelia. Most of the active and most interesting jazz groups in Finland have performed in Joensuu. From the beginning also internationality has been an important value of the association and for example Tomasz Stanko with his quartet, the British saxophonist Elton Dean with his band, Anthony Braxton, Kenny Wheeler and Anders Jormin have performed in Joensuu.

The association has also worked as an important publicist on the area of North Karelia. It has kept in touch with the press and radio and sent an information letter for the members 6-8 times a year.

The Culture Office of Joensuu and the Art Council of North Karelia have worked the whole time as the most important supporters. Recently the Pop Musicians of Joensuu Association and a few companies have also worked in co-operation with the association. One of the most important partners is still the Finnish Jazz Federation that organizes most of the tours in the North Karelia area. In addition, the conservatory of Joensuu and the Music department of the North Karelia University of Applied Sciences have been organizing concerts in co-operation with Jazzkerho-76.


Jazzmuusikot ry

Jazzmuusikot is an association founded in 1997 that focuses especially on promoting the activity of Finnish professional jazzmusicians. The association has recently approximately 100 musician members and the activity of the association was awarded in 2008 with the Varjo-Yrjö (Shadow Georgie) Prize of the Finnish National Broadcasting Company YLE. The association is a member organization of Finnish Jazz Federation and it works especially as the voice of the musicians. The association welcomes all the jazz musicians working in Finland.

The aim of the association is to work for the appreciation and knowledge of jazz music, to improve the general conditions of the empoyment of the jazz musicians, to assist the co-operation of jazz musicians in Finland and abroad and represent the members of the association in the questions concerning professional jazz musicians. The association organizes concerts and tours, works as a publicist and organizes meetings, gatherings and study trips for its members. In addition it gives education and publishes jazz literature.

Jazzmuusikot awards annually one active listener of jazz music with The Jazz Digger of the Year Prize. The first prize was handed out to Seppo Hanste in 2008, in 2009 to Eila Kaarresalo-Kasari, in 2010 to the president of the republic Tarja Halonen, in 2011 to Emu Lehtinen, in 2012 to Sakari Puhakka, in 2013 to Veli-Pekka Heinonen and in 2014 to Koko Jazz Club.

In 2009 the association organized the Hela-Jazz Event for the first time. The event brought together both the legends (like Erik Lindström, Juhani Aaltonen, Pentti Lasanen and Olli Ahvenlahti) and the newcomers (like Panu Savolainen and Ville Pynssi) of Finnish jazz music field. The event was a great success: the concert was sold out. The innovative concert concept bringing together different jazz generations was thanked in the media as well.


Jazzoo ry

Founded in 2001, as an answer to the growing interest for Jazz, Jazzoo has become an important part of the music culture in the region of Pietarsaari.

Jazzoo's aim is to give people of all ages and backgrounds a chance to enjoy live music.

Today Jazzoo has some over 200 active members and together they are spreading the delightful news... Jazz came to town!


Järvenpään Blues- ja Jazzdiggarit ry

 Järvenpää's Blues and Jazz Diggers Association organizes the Puistoblues Festival. Besides the most significant blues event of Finland, the association organizes also smaller music events in the area of Middle Uusimaa. JBJD brings blues musicians to perform in Finland and supports thus the vitality of the genre in Finland.

The main product of the association, Puistoblues Festival, is born in the co-operation of the members of the association and a wide volunteer network. The volunteers make the unique atmosphere of Puistoblues possible. The festival, that is this year celebrating its 33rd anniversary, has always been the outcome of a great volunteer work.


Kaamosjazz ry

For 30 years, Kaamosjazz Festival, organized in Tankavaara and Saariselkä, has been organized by the same organization. At first it was called as the Saariselkä team, but when this was disbanded, a registered Kaamosjazz Association was founded whose aim is, according to its statutes, to develop and promote jazz in Lapland. Over the years, the Association has awarded grants, arranged courses and assisted young Lapland musicians. Its biggest achievements to date have been a tour of Lapland by young musicians from the French town of Hirson and a concert and study tour by ten Laplanders to France, where their coaches included ace violinist Didier Xavier.


Kerava Jazz ry

Kerava Jazz Association is an active jazz association working on the area of Kerava. The most visible form of activity of the association is to organize the Keravajazz Festival annually in May.





Kopiosto ry

Kopiosto is a copyright association for writers, publishers and performing artists. As a non-profit organization Kopiosto gives the use permissions of different works and accounts the compensations for the composers and the representatives of the works. Kopiosto also gives information about the copyrights and guides the users of the works. Kopiosto, founded in 1978, has 44 member organizations who work widely on the different areas of culture and communications. In together with Kopiosto works also The promotion centre of audiovisual culture AVEK that gives part of the compensations to the joined purposes of the composers.

The core value of Kopiosto is to work for the creative field. The other values of Kopiosto - Transparency, Activity, Loyalty - support the core value. The corevalue of Kopiosto appears for example so that most of the compensations (85%) are accounted to the composers of the works. Transparency is seen in the publicity of the copyright charges that the users of the works pay. Loyalty is shown already in the long age of Kopiosto: it is one of the oldest copyright organizations in the world and its copyright policy is based on long co-operation with the users of the works and the copyright holders. Kopiosto has the qualifications to defend the copyright principles even under the high societal pressure. Kopiosto also strives actively for creating copyright solutions for the digital world.


Korpo Jazz - Korppoon Jazz ry

Korpo Sea Jazz is an organization that organizes the annual Korpo Sea Jazz Festival in the archipelago of Korppoo. Because the interest towards jazz music in the area of Korppoo had been growing in the beginning of 1990s, in 1994 a couple of jazz enhusiasts formed the Korpo Sea Jazz Association to bring more volunteers on the area and to give a more stable base for the economy of the jazz festival.

In 20 years Korpo Sea Jazz has organized 183 jazz concerts, 18 Sibelius concerts, three classical music performances, 10 folk music performances, 15 music events with a theme during the winter time, 12 wind instrument camps and one folk music camp. In addition the association has bought a grand piano, mounted a statue for Jean Sibelius who spent his summers in Korppoo and bought around twenty wind instruments for the free use of the youth of Korppoo. 


Kotka Jazz ry

The aim of Kotka Jazz Association is to promote and maintain jazz music interest in Kotka by working as a publicist and an educator and by organizing concerts and jam sessions. 

The association organizes annually 8-12 different events for jazz music. In the recent years Kotka Jazz has worked closely with the Finnish Jazz Federation in organizing i.a. tours for the Finnish jazz bands.


Kuopio Jazz & Blues ry

Author Pekka Kejonen has called Kuopio as the New Orleans of Finland and jazz and blues have clearly been an important part of the music life of the city since 1930s.

Kuopio Jazz & Blues Association was formed in 1997 to maintain this musical heritage.

Kuopio Music Gear ry

Kuopio Music Gear ry is a registered music association that strives to enliven especially the local jazz scene of Kuopio area. Its aim is to produce high-standard music events, to map the possibilities of bringing live music to previously unexplored locations and to employ Finnish professional and amateur musicians. The association also collaborates with other players and institutions.


Lappenranta Jazz Club ry

Lappeenranta Jazz Club is a registered association working in the area of Lappeenranta and the neighbouring cities in the South Karelia whose aim is to promote jazz music and culture on the area of Lappeenranta. The association strives to offer performing opportunities for jazz musicians and to take care of the jam session tradition of the city.

 Lappeenranta Jazz-Club Association is a member organization of the Finnish Jazz Federation.


Lapua Jazz ry

Lapua Jazz is an association that organizes jazz concerts and strives to promote jazz music on the area of Lapua and the neighbouring cities.


Mikkeli Jazz ry

Mikkeli Jazz is an active jazz association working on the area of Mikkeli and whose most visible forms of acitivity are Otava Happy Jazz Club in Mikkeli and Otava, organized for 28 years with LC Otava, and the jazz tour MILJazz of the Defence Forces that the association organizes together with the Defence Forces. Mikkeli Jazz is a member organization of the Finnish Jazz Federation.


Mänttä-Vilppula Jazz & Blues ry

Mänttä-Vilppula Jazz & Blues association organizes Vilppulankoski Jazz Festival. Mänttä-Vilppula Jazz & Blues is a member organization of the Finnish Jazz Federation. 


Nu Music Kuopio ry

Nu Music Kuopio is an association formed in 2009 that strives for cheering up the music life of North Savo by bringing high-quality performers near to the listeners. The association aims for building a strong co-operation network with the other local actors. Nu Music Kuopio is a member organization of the Finnish Jazz Federation.

Nowadays one of the most important events of Nu Music Kuopio is Lumo - festival of good music and Lumo-clubs.


Olavin Jazz ry

Olavin Jazz is a jazz association working in Savonlinna that organizes concerts at Restaurant Wanha Kasino. Olavin Jazz is a member organization of the Finnish Jazz Federation.


Raisio Jazz ry

RaisioJazz is an association formed in Raisio in the late-1980s that is a member organization of the Finnish Jazz Federation. The association strives to promote jazz music in Raisio by organizing concerts, events and trips.



Rajatsi ry

Rajatsi ry is an association formed in Raahe in 1984. The aim of the association is to promote and develop jazz music in the area of Raahe. Ratsi ry is a member organization of the Finnish Jazz Federation and the Europe Jazz Network.

Since 1989 the organization has organized the Raahen Rantajatsit Festival, first together with the Cultural Office of the city of Raahe and after 1996 independently.

Rajatsi organizes also concerts year-round. In the recent years the concerts have been held in Rytmikellari, Bio Huvimylly and Hovinarri. A significant part of the performers are bands that are on a tour organized by the Finnish Jazz Federation.


Rauman Jazzyhdistys JazzR ry

Rauma's Jazz Association JazzR was formed in 2004 to produce marginal music events and concerts in Rauma. The main focus of the activity is in organizing the Café Sali's Jazz Jam Sessions and the annual Rauma Summer Jazz Festival.

The association has over 80 members and they are welcoming everyone who is interested in jazz music to join as well.


Riverside Jazz

Riverside Jazz is a cultural association formed in Tornio that organizes jazz concerts and offers live music experiences for the citizens. The association is also involved in organizing the annual Kalottjazz & Blues Festival.

The association was formed in 1989 and the first concerts were organized in 1990 so the association celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2010.



Ruskaswing ry

Ruska Swing was first organized in 1989 so in 2013 it is organized for the 25th time. Ruskaswing, that is organized by the Ruskaswing Association,  has from the beginning been a flexible and open-minded event. Ruska Swing Festival is one of the strongest events in Finland when it comes to the offering of the traditional swing jazz.




Saijazz ry

Saijazz organizes "the most smallest jazz festival in the world" in Saija, North Finland. Saijazz is a member organization of the Finnish Jazz Federation.



Suomen Perinnejazz ry

The aim of Suomen Perinnejazz ry (engl. The Traditional Jazz Association of Finland) is to promote the traditional jazz music, especially swing, in Finland and the preservation and promotion of the traditional jazz culture. The association produces and organizes concerts and other music events, trips, camps and happenings.





The keywords of the activity of TAKU, the trade union of the art and culture field, are promoting and monitoring of the professional assets, juridical, social of the members of the association  

To fulfill these aims the union influences on the development of the  The organization also follows the education of the field and its development and the changes in the working conditions.

A significant part of the lobbying is dealt through AKAVA and the Special Fields of AKAVA. The association invests in education and the international activity together with different actors. One important job is to work as a publicist for the members and the stakeholders and to create important connections.


Tamjazz ry

The focus of the activity of Tamjazz Association is to promote jazz music in Tampere. Tamjazz organizes jam sessions every month, usually in Kahvila Valo. TamJazz organizes also conserts together with the Cultural Office of the city of Tampere in i.a. Hällänäyttämö and Viikinsaari during the summer.


The city of Tampere/ Tampere Jazz Happening

The festival family of Tampere music festival is formed by Tampere Biennale, Tampere Vocal Music Festival and Tampere Jazz Happening. As a part of the organization of the city's cultural office Tampere Music Festival has been in charge of the production of these three festivals since 1990.

The international programme of Tampere Jazz Happening brings annually together the top-notch names of modern jazz and the avant-guards of the future. The over 30-year-old, 4-day festival is known from it's warm atmosphere and it's open-minded attitude towards contemporary jazz music. Tampere Jazz Happening offers high-profile international and local artists and intimate club gigs till the wee small hours of the morning.

Tampere Jazz Happening is a member organization of the Finnish Jazz Federation.


Tatsi ry 

Tatsi - The Rhythm Music Association of Seinäjoki - is a non-profit music association formed in Seinäjoki in 2004 that ifocuses on promoting jazz music in the area of Seinäjoki. The association has produced all kinds of different activities in the field of jazz, i.a. jam sessions, jazz workshops, student concerts, national tours together with the Finnish Jazz Federation and jazz concerts realized with the local jazz musicians. In addition it has produced joint transportation to the jazz concerts held in other cities.

The activity has been scarce mainly due to the small financial resources but the activity has become established and the interest towards jazz music is all the time growing. Tatsi has been a member association of the Finnish Jazz Federation since 2007.

Tatsi has different jazz combos that have performed and will perform in the different cities of Finland. They have played for example in Vaasa, Tampere and Kannonkoski's Juokkosuojazz. In addition these bands have performed in Rakvere in Estonia and Åsele in Sweden.


Teosto ry

Teosto is the copyright organisation for composers, lyricists, arrengers and music publishers, that collects information about works from the artists who created them and about performances from music users. Teosto also sells licence to use music and collects the royalties on behalf of the artists. Artists and publishers receive the royalties for use of their music via Teosto.

 Royalties collected by Teosto in Finland amounted to EUR 45,3 million in 2011. From this amount Teosto accounts, after the activity costs, 86,9 % (EUR 39,4 million) to composers, lyricists, arrangers and music publishers.


The Jazz Society of Pori

Pori is the jazz city of Finland. The Jazz Society of Pori takes care of that by organizing and maintaing active jazz activity during the winter time.

The Jazz Society of Pori association was founded in 2002 to secure the jam sessions organized in Pori. The artistic leaders Ilpo Kallio and Jouni Hokkanen organized the jam sessions at restaurant Selkämeri and to continue this activity they decided to form a jazz association.

The main purpose of the association has been since the beginning to keep up active jazz activity in Pori around the year. Antoher important form of activity is to educate the young musicians and to offer a place where they can play and practice in front of the live audience.

The jazznights on Thurdays are organized by the locals and the students in Pori and a couple of times a year the association brings a whole orchestra or a few musicians to perform in Pori.

Welcome to listen live jazz at restaurant Rattaanpyörä at Pori!


Turku Jazz ry

Turku Jazz ry is a jazz association formed in Turku in 1969. The focus of the association to organize the annual Turku Jazz Festival. Turku Jazz Association is a member organization of the Finnish Jazz Federation.




Vaasa Jazz Club

Vaasa Jazz Club is an association working in the area of Vaasa that is focused on promoting and developing jazz music in Vaasa. The association organizes concerts and offers jam sessions and education events for the public.

Vaasa Jazz Club is a member organization of the Finnish Jazz Federation.


Ylistaron Kaukolankylän Jazzkerho ry

Ylistaron Kaukolankylän Jazzkerho organizes annually the Kalliojärvi Jazz & Blues in Ylistaro. Ylistaron Kaukolankylän Jazzkerho is a member organization of the Finnish Jazz Federation.


Ylläs Soikoon ry

Ylläs Soikoon is a jazz association working on the area of Äkäslompolo. Association's one of the most important forms of activity is to organize the annual Ylläs Jazz Blues Event in Ylläs every February. Ylläs Soikoon is a member organization of the Finnish Jazz Federation.


Äänekoski Jazz ry

Äänekoski Jazz is an active jazz association working on the area of Äänekoski. The most visible form of activity of the association is to organize the annual Keitelejazz Festival. Äänekoski Jazz is a member organization of the Finnish Jazz Federation.